UK Holiday Trip ( v )

Durham Town Centre

Ust Maszlee welcomed us and showed us around Durham town centre..
it was freezing cold there, waaay much colder than London, Southampton, Nottingham or Sheffield! and Christmas decorations were everywhere!

nice decoration!

woke up the next day with ice frosts everywhere - rooftops, cars, window panes, trees and grasses, and even the road was slippery! it was -2 degrees celcius!

despite the coldness, we went out. Also went to the Cathedral where Harry Potter was filmed~

Mujaddid - Ust Maszlee & Ustzh Hamidah's boy~ macam budak besar walaupun 3 bulan je masa tu!

Sheffield's City Centre!
Mujahid went with Yusuf while I stayed at home coz I felt really tired n exhausted!

east midland train from Sheffield to London
our UK holiday trip was coming to its end..

to be continued...