welcome Ikram Fakhri! ^__^

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!
Allah has grant our family a very beautiful son on
12th April 2010 @ 27 Rabi'ul Akhir 1431H

a great rizq that comes with a great responsibility..
semoga menjadi anak soleh wa musleh yg meletakkan diri di barisan hadapan perjuangan Islam...

Baba made this for baby Ikram the morning before baby Ikram
was born :)

Baby of Nihlah Johari
12 April 2010 --- 1.48 p.m.
weight: 3.14 kg
height: 47 cm
(: couple of hours after birth :)

taking a peek.. who's here???

oh! Tok Abah, Tok Ummi and all my uncles and aunties
all the way from JB!!

day 3 - home sweet home we go! ^__^
drive safely ok Baba, Ikram saaayang Baba!

day 5 - i'm a bit yellow, love to sleep but Mama keep telling me to always wake up and feed. inshaAllah i'm going to be a good boy n listen to her. saaayang Mama!

jazakumullahu khayran jazaa to all who prayed for us, may Allah shower his blessings upon you forever!